Being based in Cumbria slate roofing is something that we work on a lot.

Natural slate roofing not only has an aesthetic appearance but is also extremely long-lasting. When we carry out a job, we always make sure that we use the best materials and products to ensure long-lasting protection for your property’s roof.

Slate is usually used for traditional roofs because of its dependability, accessibility and ease of use. It is also widely used because it has been used for 100’s of years throughout Cumbria, Lancashire and the rest of the United Kingdom and has a long lifespan!

With over 32 years’ experience working throughout Cumbria and North Lancashire, we know the best suppliers and we always ensure the standard of our materials are the highest quality.


As well as offering slate roofs we also work with roof tiles. There are many advantages to roof tiles in comparison to slate & vice-versa.  

Roof tiles are produced from either concrete or clay and come in a wide range of designs and colours. This allows you to choose the finish and style of your roof and ensure that it suits the design of your home. Whether your choose concrete or clay tiles the tiles will have a life expectancy of around 50 years. 

At Derek Stafford Roofing we only use the best quality materials and before you go ahead with your project we will work with you to ensure you get the design and finish that you’re looking for.


Fibreglass roofing continues to grow as a popular option for flat roofs due to it outstanding weather protection qualities and its durability. Often referred to as GRP, Glass Reinforced Plastics is a durable alternative to other flat roofing methide and can provide up to 50 years of protections compared to typical felt roofing which has a lifespan of 20 years.

Furthermore, a GRP roof is applied to become one single continuous membrane with no joins, seams or welds for water to eventually find its way into so it performs extremely well in wet weather keeping your property watertight.


There are several reasons that your roof may need repair work. It could be that your roof is old and susceptible to damage or adverse weather conditions could have damaged or blown slates from your roof.

As well as issues with slates and tiling we can also repair broken leadwork, leaking chimneys and damaged flat roofs. 

If you notice problems with your roof it is best to call us before the problems, get too serious. A small discolouration of plaster or a small leak can quickly turn into a big problem, so you’re best getting professional advice before it’s too late.

With over 32 years’ experience within the industry, our team can ensure you professional service and we always offer a FREE NO OBLIGATION quote.


Lead is used on roofs to cover over gaps between your roofs and chimneys, dormers, conservatories and flat roofs.  A lead flashing allows water to run down your roof without leaking downwards into your property.

Lead has been used for many years on the coverings of big buildings including churches, schools, office and public buildings and provides many years of protection.

It is important to ensure your leadwork is carried out by professionals and with 32 + year’s experience Derek Stafford Roofing can ensure your lead work is complete to the highest of standards. 

As well as installing and maintaining lead roofs, lead flashing, lead flat roofs we offer lead welding and burning. You may require lead welding on larger lead roofs that have leaks or need general repairs or maintenance.


There are many different aspects of a chimney that can be damaged and require repair. At Derek Stafford Roofing we cover a whole range of services centred around your property’s chimney.

We specialise in removing chimneys completely, rebuilding, re-pointing, minor and major repairs to chimney stacks as well as chimney pointing and lead flashing around your chimney.

We also specialise in repairing or replacing loose chimney pots to ensure that your chimney if properly protected and none of the loose chimney pots fall off in high winds and damaged your properties roof.


Velux windows are a great way to transform a dark space into a light-filled room. There are several different choices when it comes to Velux windows and we will always give you professional non-biased advice.

With a Velux Window, you can choose different types such as Central pivot windows or top hung roof windows.

If you want to find out more information on our professional Velux window supply and installation then please feel free to call us. As always we are happy to offer a free no obligation quote!